Married Life of Albert Einstein


Married Life of Albert Einstein

From his youthful years as a mathematical genius and becoming recognized as a prodigy by some of his tutors, Albert Einstein did not have an easy teenage and early adult life. Because of his family background and his nationality, he had some difficulty in some parts of his life. Some of our website visitors will find it quite difficult to accept that someone who is a genius can have a tough life. But he did. And his life’s progression allowed people to relate to his life more. Some even build a website to document his early years.

Married life

The name of his wife is Mileva Marić. It is amusing to know that his future wife was also a student at his University. She was also excellent in Math and Physics. Their friendship blossomed into a great romance which ended in marriage. Some even suggested that his wife helped in the 1905 papers but, after much debate and research, no evidence was found that talked about the contributions that his wife made on the papers. But we know how important it is for a husband to get a supportive wife. It may be indirect support but we are quite sure that she provided help to Albert Einstein during his establishment of the famous papers.

His children

Albert Einstein and Mileva Marić had a few children. Although the first one was not identified before, the documents say that their first child was a daughter named Lieserl. But it was found out that Marić returned to Switzerland without a child. The daughter is assumed to either sent for adoption or probably died because of scarlet fever.

Their first son was named Hans Albert Einstein. Their second son was Eduard. The couple moved to Berlin in 1914. But when Marić found out about the attraction and new love interest of Albert Einstein in the personification of his second cousin Elsa, she opted to go back to Zurich, Switzerland.

Einstein and Elsa Löwenthal got married in 1919. Their mothers were sisters and their fathers were first cousins. Elsa was diagnosed with kidney problems and eventually died in 1935.