About Us

The World Year of Physics is an extraordinary event that was held in 2005 to celebrate the one hundred years of the special day when Albert Einstein submitted four papers that will soon be the basis and foundation for a lot of succeeding experiments and principles in our environment and the universe, in general.

Who we are

We are the founders and the event organizers for the World Year of Physics that was simultaneously celebrated in different parts of the globe. We have events during Amsterdam holidays and Asian celebrations throughout the world. We love Physics and so should you. The World Year of Physics is a celebration and an awareness-raising event wherein both the young and the old should know more about nature and the concept of why certain occurrences happen.

What do we offer

Although the World Year of Physics happened in 2005, we are still maintaining this website to continue raising awareness and encouraging people to study and be more involved in physics. You can regularly visit our website to see snippets and sound bites about physics, about the principles that revolve around the world we are living in and the universe in general. Since we continue to partner with different online shops like Lazada and Zalora, you can expect us to give you voucher codes and coupon codes on products.