The Youthful Years of Albert Einstein

The Youthful Years of Albert Einstein

You may have seen his face flashed in movies, television shows, and documentaries. You may have also seen characters that were made specifically to imitate him and his demeanor. Although a lot of scientists and physicists have come and gone, there will always be one Albert Einstein. Many of our website visitors will agree that the mere mention of Einstein will get any bunch of people excited. His name can buy website traffic. Others will even build a website with his name plastered on the domain. But really, who is Albert Einstein?

Family Background

Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, in the Kingdom of Württemberg in Germany. His parents are Herman Einstein and Pauline Koch. His family managed a business that created electrical equipment using direct current as supply. The family business was fairly successful at that time. But then, they lost a bid to erect the electrical lighting for Munich when they did not have the budget to convert the use of electricity from direct current to alternating current. Alternating current was more efficient, though it was very dangerous because of the large discrepancy in terms of the voltage.

Because of this, the factory was sold. At the age of 15, the family stayed in Munich for Albert to finish his studies in the Luitpold Gymnasium. But what happened was that his father opposed the teaching method used in the school. The gymnasium used rote learning. Rote learning is the type of learning wherein memorization is needed through constant repetition.

According to the tutor of Albert Einstein, the boy was recognized as being excellent in math and physics. Being a twelve year old, he taught himself algebra and geometry. It came to a point when the tutor cannot follow the mathematical genius that is Albert Einstein. His passion for mathematical soon translated to his philosophy that nature can be understood through the mathematical structure.

Einstein’s favorite philosopher is Immanuel Kant. His most prominent work is the Critique of Pure Reason. His tutor said that the concepts and ideas discussed by Kant seem incomprehensible to most people but they are all clear to Einstein.