Why Should People Be interested in Physics?

Why Should People Be interested in Physics?

The World Year of Physics is an event that celebrates the success of thefour landmark papers of Albert Einstein in 1905. The concepts and the formulations that he established in his papers paved the way for more physicists and scientists to understand the workings of the universe. His calculations are also being used by more and more people as a foundation for more complex questions about nature.

The other goal of the World Year of Physics was to educate the public, raise awareness, and encourage adults and children to be more interested in the subject. Tech blogs are made to discuss physics. Others build a website for forums that talk about the concepts about the subject. Why is it that so many books are being published that are dedicated to physics?

Physics gives us explanations about nature

Physics is the science of studying and understanding nature and the universe. By studying physics, you can get a grasp of why things happen. For example, you will know why an object that you throw in the air will go back to the ground and not just float away. Through physics, you will understand the concept of motion, energy, and movement. When you look at things, you do not just see them as it is. You get a clearer view of the reason for these occurrences.

Studying physics teaches critical thinking

When you start to study physics, you will know the different people in the previous generation who have developed new ideas, concepts, principles, and laws that govern nature. Scientists like Albert Einstein taught us that we should approach every problem with a certain way of thinking. We should not accept things that have no explanation. You should be critical in every aspect of nature. Human minds are amazing. Eventually, they will be able to explain things that matter. All it takes is a bright and critical mind to discover the perfect explanation of why things happen.

It teaches you to ask questions

Learning about physics is not just discovering principles and laws about nature. Reading more about the way things are explained is not just about having a genius mind like Einstein. It is more about asking the right questions to seek the right answers. When you study physics, you start to develop a discontentment on unexplainable things. But you cannot find the answer if you do not know the appropriate questions to ask. Physics teaches us how to do it.